For here, we are living death.
Bodies linger so long as
dust becomes our nature.
We blossom, orchids in springtime,
discolored petals, fallen beneath
our own snowy graves.

I hear, Resurrection saved.
Stand up, don’t be afraid.
Salted tears are welling
Blood flowing

You stand before me
Locking eyes: I tremble
my Mountain, my Sea.

How long I have waited to hold you
My child, My flower;
My arms outlast this Earth

Love eternally–


tarnished tongue,
how you have languished.
asleep is the hope
promised by adoration,
I shall not keep,
rather set beneath
waiting feet.

The Lion is roaring across a burnt out expanse: dead end.
cracks of light imploding,
our near distant star.
hear His cry;
Come, come, see the splendor,
great love I have for you who
seek Me.


loss of the audible
in the heart beats of purpose
breath of lingering darkness,
slowly. the dawn rises
on emptiness only our world dismisses.

a thankful heart-
disguised in gladness,
dwelling within a well fed soul.

love fills a sternum,
a spring of solitude
given comfort,
for before I had known

a worldly promise You never said
I’ll keep.


Look what You’ve done-
turned a timid heart
in tune to such magnificent

Knock. Knock. Knock.
opened the door to healing,
a smile appears-warmth
unlike fading moons.

Outside voices sound meager,
in the caverns of a mind
convoluted from disbelief

silenced tongue clamors under
neath chatter-passion emptied,
baring soul brings forth the pitiful.

dreams die
eroding where nightfall calls.

I am alone in the echoes,
words surrounding a past
fear sees as normalcy.


Know that the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. (Psalms 100:3 ESV)

I am only a sheep
lost, rooted in wait.
head to sun,
as trembling feet only
cause one, such as I-
to hesitate.

Vagabond Call

fall of the day.

darkness covers us
in the blindfold,
we earnestly cling to-
forgo His white robe
exchanged for an
earthly grave: shame.

still, I remain,
a spirit encased
lame, skeletal body.
/nails lanced, pinned wrists/
\bound feet\

my Father, the tears shed
for You knew of the moments
a mirror could taunt
fear echoing in silence
devil’s loudest drum
sounds best in a doubting mind.

thorn crown,
bled red rose
a garden sacrificed-
cure for a drought land.

sweetest love,
Jesus how you
Cried no truer adoration:

Your flesh dying out,
In three days time,
You had risen
the everlasting
flower, aroma to my soul;
never to wilt again.