feeble voices echo calls,
distant, as the birds-
outstretched hands reach
pleading mercy
with forged tongues.

fingers crossed behind
bending willow backs
oh, the weight of shame-
firmly aligned,
fruitless ventures give
way to preaching;
“You only live once”
every body dissolving-

two feet, shaken,
planted, soiled-
an earthy garden,
fragranced disdain.
sweeter scents wake
ruined heart, lead
astray, hazy with the
temptress kiss granting
failure’s keep.

pollutants breed deceit,
from mouths swarming, moths-
eating away precious stitching,
cringing beneath
false prophetical teeth,

flushing innocence-
molded death in one solemn
spilling salt of an ocean
running red,
sacrificial love letter
casting light:

Jesus crying grace at the foot
of every waiting flower bed.


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