In Openness, He Speaks

Watch twinkling stars-
burning bright: out
freedom to dim saving ties in copious lies.

A toast to delirium,
my mouth runs dry
struggling as nervousness taps
softly, readying a devilish display.

Conversations slows to a web,
I see swigs & nursings of glass bottles
& fragility welcomes me in as an old friend takes solace in a bond unchanged, deepened by faith.

Shaky feet push
up into a cloudy sky-
Jesus, how can drinking liberty
monopolize their one track minds?

Crucifixion brought life into our sin-bathed lungs
& the blood stains on His body mean nothing
when you’re holding hands with deception, leaning on its bottomless greetings.

Quivers find my company
Revelation opens,
everyone leads with goodbye-
My love will reign highest when lonely
asks for the heart splitting openly from
controlled death over absolute certainty.


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