Soliloquy of Three

Gavel-tones silence,
brings well water to shed
in a blue bucket of feelings favoring rain.

Plants withstand rain,
so may you rise again-
wait on the Son, who shall lighten
weariness contending with a bowing head.

Running ahead-
tired & heavy,
come to a pace, steady, in tune with My long ago victory.

Patience marks wisdom & knowledge-
behind every downturned smile
lies the stain of a Father pleading

Red River runs depths past a world’s reach.
You closed your eyes to pain offered in hatred’s diligence,
breathing out an effigy of whom we were created.


4 thoughts on “Soliloquy of Three

    • Well, thank you very much.

      Much of this is taken from moments of days passed, and God’s voice telling reassuring me that even with what I feel is wrong, He will make right, and I never have to fear because though He may have passed away physically, He lives within me.

      Because we are created in His likeness, He truly has never left us. That is the last stanza.

      I hope you don’t mind me continually thanking you, because I honestly just write from what I feel He is speaking to me, and I realize not everyone will understand because my poetry tends to be vague. I find it helpful that you given me opportunities to explain more in depth because it not only helps me understand how God reveals Himself to me, but to share it with others as well.

      We are meant to continue to tell His story after all.

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