When He Calls, I Rise

Have you ever had an idea placed inside your head for weeks, but ignore it because you don’t understand it? Or, the fact that you have no idea how to start, and you feel very unqualified? Well, this is me and now the idea has made managed to find a door into my heart, refusing to leave.

Back story: A few months ago, I was taking a walk when all of these memories began presenting themselves in a book-like fashion. You know, beginning, middle, and end. They were all memories of a friendship that has helped me grow in Christ. When I got home, I sat on the floor, writing a poem with moments that had stuck out most to me. Each was centered around vulnerability, where I saw Jesus most clearly. I sent it off to her in an email with the subject line: Snapshots of His Glory.

Days after sending this, I stumbled upon the magazine, Guideposts. I became fascinated with the stories and how much hope was provided after I read each one. I had to stop myself from reading the whole magazine in one sitting. I’m not kidding. I even sent a story to them, hoping maybe I could open other people to the hope Jesus brings. Especially to those with disabilities. (CrippledatYourTable was inspired by my own disability: Cerebral Palsy.)

Still, the title of that poem was in the back of my mind after each story. Today I realized why: He (Jesus) wants me to start a magazine similar to Guideposts, but the focus on those with disabilities, and anyone who has been impacted by someone with a disability and seen His love. To make this different from Guideposts, it would be more art focused (poetry, paintings photography, stories, etc.)

Potential Problems:. 1.) I have no experience whatsoever in starting a magazine, which means I’m navigating this blindly. 2.) If anyone would actually be interested in reading a magazine like this. 3.) Material for this imaginary magazine. 4,) Money. 5.) A title.

There are probably more, but I’m not focused on those right now. I’m just interested in giving God glory, and He finally made it clear to me how I can do this. Would anyone be interested in helping me with, either by sending material, or partnering to help me make this come to life?

Comment this post or send an email to: j_sparrows00@ymail.com if you are interested!


3 thoughts on “When He Calls, I Rise

  1. ask blair how she started hers… she didn’t start hers with any money at all so you can go ahead and knock that “limitation” off the list. ๐Ÿ™‚ People would be interested, especially those who relate to having a disability, guarantee it. You can think up a title after brainstorming and if it changes down the road, so be it. For material, ask blair how she gets hers… she actually does it volunteer but at the same time, this is simply something you can research. I’m gonna be honest girl, I think the biggest limitation to this magazine is yourself and what you believe. It’s definitely possible. That’s my issue too, one of my biggest limitations is me, not my long lists of why or why not it could work. lol ain’t that life!

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