A Look Inside My Mind

“Wow, you really have crippled yourself.”
“Well, besides the fact you can’t walk that well, your mindset makes it real easy to bring that lovely complexion two shades lighter than the moon.”
“What is it you’re trying to tell me?”
“You’re really pale.”
“I can see that. Thanks for stating the obvious.”
“Just trying to help you.”
“Yeah. I think there was more to that statement.”
“About your falling ability? You’ll never know how much joy I get from those moments I make you less. You know that morning you were going to try for a “miracle”?
“You wouldn’t have fallen in the dirt so quickly if I wasn’t such a master manipulator at making you believe God or anyone else will ever accept the sinner that is you.”
”A real charmer you are.
“I’m charming you with daily false truth aren’t I?”
“Why not just call them what they are?”
“Because any way I twist it, I still manage to fool you.”
“I should really go pray now.”
“I’ll miss you.”
“I’m trying to believe in things above not below.”
“That’s where you’re going one day, you know?
“This body, yes. Death isn’t something I want to contemplate right now.”
“I can make it happen for you. Quick. Painless. Easy.”
“Every time I believe you, I feel myself slipping into a slow, panful death, hardening with the passing days. How does that fit into the ‘helpful’ category?
“It does comply with your outer appearance. I’m more known for stealthily stealing joy away. Haven’t you read the Bible?”
Yes, but I haven’t read in depth about Adam & Eve, and how tempting you made that apple sound.”
“Better believe it. I’ve been feeding you sinful apples since high school. All that fear holding you captive, as you watched your parents consumed by my fire, ending in the destruction of your family, that was me too. You’ve always had me wanting the best for you.”
“God, I know You’re always listening. Please tell me this isn’t true.”
“Bet you $10 He doesn’t answer you.”
“I can wait.”


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