After the response I received from my last post, I’ve decided to make poetry recordings a regular addition to my blog. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen. I pray that through my words you may receive the Lord’s touch.

This poem I’m posting tonight is one that has been hitting me hard for quite a few years. Having a broken family is very difficult. Especially with some members not believing in Christ.

I don’t want to go into major detail, but I would like to ask for prayer for myself & my family. If this poem touches you in anyway & you would like prayer, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope you enjoy this newest piece.

In my fear, I called the Lord-
I am lost in heartbreak for our family.
Clothed in grief brought by circumstance, they cry: We cannot live this way!
And out from their angered tongues comes the blame.
Not once do they call upon Your gracious name–even I, God, crippled outwardly, refuse Your help daily.

O He, who first thought me into being,
calm the flood welling under
where tears ask release,
place a shh upon frightened lips,
as Mary quieted her Savior-
her Son, who wept without question,
as He said: Father, forgive them,
exhaling grace with His last breath.


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