Clinging To A Truer Need

Hey everyone.

So, I know I’ve posted different thoughts, other than poetry lately. In all honesty, I’ve been trying to stay away from posting every poem I write on here. (Hardest thing for me I’m noticing.)

A conversation I had with another friend who writes, really opened my eyes to a simple truth: if I want to make as a writer, or actually see if I have what it takes, I need to keep it between God and myself until, and if it’s meant to be seen.

I will never understand why it becomes an obsession to share everything as soon as it’s written. It has become like a disease, infecting every part of me. (It’s just as bad with Facebook..)

I will say there a few pieces I haven’t shared here. Though, I feel I NEED to.

Which is why, I’m not going to be posting new pieces for awhile. I think it’s time I start bringing my art to the real and true Author. Let Him erase, scribble or white out my need for the approval of man, and exalt Him.

I’m determined to learn what it’s like to cling to the Writer of my inked being.