Let All Sing

a sign came
unto to us a child
shall be born
through the Virgin Mary
to reconcile
our wayward steps
treading darkness
undertow, leading
us by starlight
to a manger
where You lay
swaddled in cloth,
keeping bay winter’s

Brought lowly, so we
could commune in Love,
beginning Christmas until
Heaven’s hallelujah
is our only desire-
sung, reverberating
off every sinner’s lips
inviting everlasting celebration
as Thy kingdom comes.


Your voice may be quiet,
heater above blowing cold air,
a winter chill for this lighted room
without a hint of snow-
hear my inked thanks
to You, who withholds
nothing unnecessary
to beset a smile,
turning these corners
up up up towards
the clouds with
heartfelt hellos,
where once frowns
held me, gravity bound.

Wandering Past Philosophy

if one gads through
life, floating along,
a breeze combing
the petals of daisies,
lilies & roses: we will
explore discomfort
pain, lies without refrain,
that pleasure out rules
But even Solomon knew
working for the world’s view
will become meaningless
after a time
when praise is sought
from a sinner, just like you.