I left the Chai to rest,
now it is cold,
peace cannot be reached.


7 thoughts on “Resist

    • It isn’t the first time I have left a drink out to go cold. Tea seems different when left though, empty of flavor. I didn’t end up drinking it, but couldn’t help wondering if sitting that long, the tea still steeps. (Sorry for the ramble..)

      • Depends how you’ve left it, I suppose. I tend to leave it after it’s already in a cup and I’ve stopped the steeping process. Cold tea is… well, it could be a lot better. >.>;

        I’ve found that while reheating in a microwave does destroy a bit of the flavour, it does turn a cold cup of tea into a passable hot drink. (That’s okay, rambling is good.)

      • Mine was left in a mug, to the brim, on a nightstand. Cold tea is what happens when you get lost in classical music, and realize you’ve only taken a sip.

        Passable hot drinks are better than wasting good tea. Or hot chocolate. What’s your favorite flavor of tea?

      • Ahh, it happens. I get so very wound into orchestral music (not necessarily classical) that I seem to forget everything that’s going on around me, sometimes.

        This is indeed true. I’m not actually a fan of hot chocolate (somehow), but my favourite tea is somewhere between peppermint green tea and Iron Goddess of Mercy (oolong).

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