Lend Me Your Ear

In my last post, I put up a playlist mixing music and a few of my more personal poems, only to days later realize one of the poems never uploaded. This piece was written during a difficult time (as are many of pieces), but I’ve come to find in these times, God welcomes my cries.

Poem with words:

Lend me Your ear, dear Savior,
there voices grow maddeningly louder: MY POINT IS THIS!

I never loved you, no, never the days
change kept us hungry,
nickel & dime bought ramen,
a loose leaf dollar bill caught my eye.
I rake, pile them sky high,
my fortress I call home,
So, let me go flit from pleasure to earthly pleasure–question me no more!

Put your trust not in man or any fleeting thing.
Day in,
Night out,
A swing,
A shrug,
Another angered word.
A channel change,
again again again
Holy Spirit, Father, Son-
belief in a daydream, why forgo apathy we can see?

It’s the marriage of Solomon & Martha if ever they were to we’d, though this Martha toils her way for a man, blind as she, with gold foolery, idolatry diverts there gaze from You, divorcing them not from each other, but
first-born matrimony.


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