Not Alabama

Holding my hand
right out of Walgreens,
an attempt in keeping upright
because I can’t steady
with three cane points
of a quad
missing its fourth.

I barely inch
down the sidewalk,
agape in laughter
as she exclaims
the proximity of the car
in the accent of those raised
among Birmingham shires

gasping for air at thought
of each dumbfounded expression
after her honest apology for miscommunication
and I, having a stare down
with the tiled floor,
fighting to get ahold of myself.


Who can find an adhesive,
disgruntled child, patient
enough to extend a hand
never tiresome of eruption-
held at your right handed weakness,
sobbing because goodbyes end joy
too quick.

When I died to this grief you experience,
I knew you’d overwhelm the thought
someone loves you,
leading you to My arms as they
unravel bandaids falling away.
The distance of who you have & still
to come, will not change blessing given & waiting to be bestowed.

Worry not, resting in truth
l know both need,
kindness above
has not stopped.

There Will Be Another Friend.

This statement scares me. It did Tuesday night when Gwen (who is moving to France by the end of summer, hopefully.) told me during our last talk before she was to leave the next morning.

I don’t know what my face looked like, but I know I blinked hard at her. I know I became frustrated after she told me not to despair. Silence.

I know a few minutes after we got ready for bed that night, my mom looked at me and said, “are you sad she’s leaving?” tears welling, followed by loud cries.

Before I knew it, I was sobbing in Gwen’s lap, mumbling about her needing sleep, she needed to go, her simple “shh” and a prayer for me to understand she’s not the center of joy, but a bearer of Jesus.

If you haven’t already noticed, I get attached to people. With everyone I’ve met in life, I have in some way or another.

I’m afraid of losing people. Those people I’ve lost early on in life by redirection or other reasons makes me believe I will lose everyone I meet. Which is true because we all will pass away.

God has shown me something true: someone who makes an epically long journey (we’re talking 9-10 hrs both ways for only 2 days) loves you. Who drives you to 3 DIFFERENT stores to get cane tips, making you laugh the entire time. To the point where she has to get the car because you can’t get ahold of yourself, loves you. Who miss the turn to your house because she was listening so hard to your silence, because she knows something is bothering you and wants to know, loves you. Who sits in a field with a rainstorm soaking you (as this picture shows), because you walked with Jesus in a dream, loves you.


Who show you Jesus from the moment your friendship began, loves you.

He’s shown me this too: the friends He gives to share life with you, don’t leave you. Even if they move to another country. Even if you have to use Wechat, Whatsapp, email, the phone, and real short visits that end in tears. (If you’re a tender hearted person like me, you get it.)

It’s worth it. The best friendships grow through understanding, distance, and prayer.

There’s a certain love you experience through God when He places people who show you His overwhelming love for you. It’ll make you cry for a few days as a thank you.

Thank God for the Gwen (or whatever his/her name is) in your life. And if you wouldn’t mind joining her prayer for God to bring another friend and He would show me that I’m not losing the one I have, but gaining, I’d appreciate it.

A Favor.

My dear friend, Gwen, is moving to France in August to teach English as a second language and French to Middle Eastern immigrants and international students. She has started a fundraiser to help raise funds for this massive, incredibly brave endeavor. Would you mind checking it out, and possibly supporting her?

The prizes are cheese related, if that helps at all. 🙂 On a heart related note, I would love to see her smile and her heart to overflow.

She has no clue I’m doing this.. 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you decide to invest in this.

PS. If you know someone who would be willing to donate, please pass it along.