Tend (with audio)

Give careful thought
to the dwelling in front of you,
where you have planted many a seed,
a dollar a dozen,
but waste lay a multitude beside the paneling for yourselves.

Inside, you sit at tables made of cherry wood, breaking white bread,
but your bellies are empty.

You drink Pepsi, Coke, Chardonnay, even Bud Light,
the poison calling for a second fill.

You dress in faux fur, cotton & wool-
no warmth finds a fool.

The Benjamins and Washingtons arrive every Friday, 5 o’clock sharp.

At the bank, you tell the teller
you’d like to deposit this amount,
but withdraw twenty for yourself,
“Emergency money, you know.”
though you’ll be back tomorrow
because it always falls through
your purse,
you just don’t know where it goes.

Go up the mountain,
gather timber & rebuild
the ruin over,
so I may find pleasure,
honor and glory.
Peace I shall grant,
for though you had sought
shelter apart from Me,
I am with you,
with blessings this day
& each tomorrow.



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