My heart is steadfast
with songs of deliverance,
brought from the rock of habituation,
hearing my faint cry: I want to be free.

Love broke through
as sure as the sun,
cracking open hope
I place in Him-
knowing my wilted frame.

May the words I meditate upon,
in heart & speech
be honest & kind
though my heart, broken,
becomes beautiful
with Your Spirit,
my shepherding guide
in the valley where I now reside.

Anchor of hope,
thy marvelous light
which shines upon downtrodden
souls, look to this lowly magnolia.
Fretting hours ahead,
light it’s cloistered petals,
reminding coming bloom,
if I don’t forget His love
in the valley seeming without end.

My potion and my strength,
come now, come to my aid.
I long to look on Your face.
You, who are patient, ever kind.
Your love never fails
those whom You call,

With You now, I am
grateful for Your love.
My God, my truest friend.
I can’t outrun Your love.
It is the balm from which
my soul rises forth,
the same breath which perfumes
lavender & honeysuckle.

It is written: He will give the weary strength.
My eyes, head, & heart
are weary from this day,
to days behind.
I beg of You to lift
me upon thy wing.
Show me what it is to
fly with thee.

Oh, Lord-
when those I love, or I
walk in ways unsatisfying,
whisper the only hope I’ve got
is You alone.

The pathway:
full of rights & wrongs,
sticks & stones, heartbreak & shame,
sorrow & blame, promises the joy
of the Lord, whom with we shall always be, though life’s night song proves long.


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