Let Go

We are sitting in a booth
on opposite sides,
colored red & white.
Kentucky Fried Chicken
separates us-

a seven piece bucket
full of a mixture,
two sides:
with mashed potatoes
& gravy.

There is laughter erupting
from my mouth,
so many hahas I can’t
keep track. I cover my lips
with my palm, to keep all
the goodness from spilling
over. My heart rejoicing.

I watch you throw
peace signs over your eyes,
mimicking the words,
moving to the beat.

There is no better moment
than watching you become
a child, innocence exampled
before me. In these moments,
I long to stay, bringing back
the child I forget I can be.


One thought on “Let Go

  1. All I can say is it is good to be able to be a kid , letting go with you is a treasured moment I enjoy! Good to be silly once in awhile amidst so much angst in your family. Glad to say we donnt have that and can be ourselves.

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