Mind’s Eye

I see us on the hotel floor sitting intertwined, face to face. Your left hand embracing my back, right, holding a quad folded piece of notebook paper. You’re slightly smiling. My inked remembrances alighting those brown eyes, blinking
back the blushes I was surely hiding. I’m staring at you. The light on the floor. You again. You look up from the paper with the timid smile. I love you. You pull me to your mouth. Warmth. Suspension. Departure. You say you love the letter. Kiss me again. We sit there in each other’s arms a few minutes more before we ready ourselves for the fourth installment of Pirates of The Caribbean. You help me up, I sit on bed. You say, I’m going to place this in here, so I don’t lose it. My bag. We walk out, with you closing the door. I don’t ask, why have you given our memories back? I stay quiet in that green truck, our hands holding, detached. I am losing you, cut by the death of our relationship. Silence I have memorized.


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