I read the subject line:
RE: (POETRY) Human vs. Divine.
My stomach turns with anticipation
I forgot was there.

I message a friend, letting her know
a response has come. Nerves tingling, I wait until after seven to find out of 1700, finalist I am not.

They say the caliber of work
was exceptionally good this year.
They are grateful for a chance to read my work.

After maybe 5 rejections within months, I should have a thicker skin than this. Granted, I’m not bawling as I did with my first, but the tears came regardless.

Mother said over penne rigate tonight,
the next magazine I submit to, I must also submit the outcome to God.

The hardest lesson in life
is waiting without your will met,
your dreams on hold in hopes
something better comes along.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Your mother speaks truth–and I just heard a great message on God’s Delays, by Joseph Prince recently. Are you familiar with him? Anointed to preach God’s GRACE–life-changing.

    • I have not heard of him. I’d love to listen to it. Is it on online anywhere? And delays are something all too familiar with (in terms of getting a poem in a print magazine), but God has been faithful each rejection-to wait on Him.

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