Ms. Alabamy

I know a gal
who lives in Alabamy.
She is smart, witty with glasses
reminding me of Ingrid Michaelson.

We met through an art site,
where I stumbled upon her poetry.
Her style–a slow, easy southern
welcome into memorializing life awoke my curious mind.

She had written a journal entry,
challenging anyone to use three words of her choosing in a poem.
I took a risk, politely asking for stretching outside my box.

I sat outside on my grandma’s deck, beginning the task of weaving a piece about a garden and God-
if I remember correctly.

I somehow blew her away.
To this day, I still don’t know
what she saw in those meager words in all their unedited glory.

This has never stopped
my continuos asking,
More words please?
Her hospitality kindly pushing
my dreams up-rain or shine.

A silver lining can always be found.
Don’t give up quite yet,
it will come.

I may never get to sit on this swing,
listening to her strum uke strings she’s s still learning to play.
Maybe close to Be Ok.
Or write a poem in sweet tea sipping, gentle rocking side by side
southern time.

I do know she’ll never stop embracing me as if distance doesn’t separate kindred spirits.
My heart reciprocating thankfulness
for friendship equally resonated.

Author’s Note: To Rachel–thank you for awakening my love for poetry. For seeing something in me I didn’t see. For always supporting me in this crazy dream. You will forever mean so very much to me.


8 thoughts on “Ms. Alabamy

  1. There’s something so magical and Miraculous about meeting someone who sees the Poetry light in us, and makes a point of telling us so. For me, it was a high school teacher–I cherish the memory, as it gave me something precious and strong to hang onto until my Faith quickened.

    • Did this teacher inspire you through another poet’s writing or their own? I’m just curious because I’ve never really been able to get the classic poets, like Dickinson or Bukowski. My focus has been drawn more toward the book of Psalms or my own life. I’ve never understood why.

      • He was the first to tell me I had a natural talent for writing poetry. I think of Emily Dickinson as a kindred spirit–she’s easy to read, and now and then I find my short poems reflect her style. I think it’s wonderful that your focus draws toward the Psalms–I love to read poets who write “modern” psalms; I think I’ve only written one like that. Yes, Joseph Prince is online as well as TV–I think if you go to, or just google Joseph Prince, you’ll find him–and be blessed!

      • Thank you so much for letting me know about Joseph Prince–I have no doubt God used you to point me to that message on His delay. May He bless you 🙂 I’m going to dig into your poetry later today. 🙂

      • No worries, I’m glad to help any way that HE can use me. I’m not sure if JP’s messages are archived or not, to find the one on Delays; this past week the TV messages are from years ago–on marriage and family life. Sometimes I can find them on YouTube, so that’s another place to search: “Joseph Prince, God’s Delays”. If you’re meant to hear them, God will lead you better than I can–Bless you!

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