You land on the edge,
taking my breath.
I stare you in the direction
your eyes must belong.

I fearfully ask: what are you?
You don’t answer, staying still.
I wonder if you will fly away soon,
as the bird I spoke with weeks earlier.

Before I can question further,
you part yourself down the middle.
Black trim decorates each wing,
dark red colors the next ring,
a whitespace your center.

You close up,
walking closer,
modeling your Maker’s handiwork.
Turning gracefully, you flutter once, allowing a last

Your silence echoing
a truth left behind:

Fear not, your dreams
will soon take to the blue.
You will fly one day.

Author’s Note: I’ve never seen a butterfly up close. Or have one model for me. In these small moments, I find myself falling in God’s love. To the point of tears. His lovingkindness are the steadfast arms I’ve always longed for. 🙂

Here’s a close up of the butterfly. I never knew they had so many legs.



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