Fatherless Widow

I have bugbear I will drop Your hand,
run headlong to arms of another lover.

Call them my eternal, my comfort.
Idolize each I love you as if it were the Gospel.

Sacrifice myself for their will.
Look them in the eye,
swear they were You.

You will stand,
my hand loosely
twined within Yours,
a nail pierced truth
leaving blessed lips.

They’ll leave you a widow.
Tear through gentlest heart
I have set to repair by bleeding through.
When you are empty, I come
forbearing the mess of you.

I know you, My little girl-
longing journey to company
where you are known.

Where roads have no end,
valleyed flowers leading you
stream side more than an hour or two.

Where I will hold you,
never tiring beauty
I made midst of April.

Where I will kiss
Spring air healing
upon your wrinkled brows.

I am jealous for you,
Baals cannot help to forsake you.
I have walled you in these wilderness

arms; to let you wander, let you fall
into tender honeysuckle I saved
hearing your return home.


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