Look, It’s A Cold!

“What is that?”
“It’s a plane.”
“Oh. I thought it was the FBI sending out a cold.”
“Wait. What about cold?”
“I said, it sounds like the FBI sending out a secret code.”

A keypad code like doo dee doo.
Random dialing with a dial tone.

9 9 niner, we found them, we’re going in.

Not before Darth Vador greets them at the door with a friendly question.

How are you?

We all know he’s not their father,
so why ask such a strange question.

The FBI can’t compete with a light saber, so they’ll retreat without further investigation.

I watch the plane
get smart flying on
to report back to the inspector
with more gadgets than stars have wars.

Author’s Note: This is what happens when you have a conversation about a plane flying overhead, but hear it is/has a cold and something about the FBI. Then you turn it into Darth Vador living with you and making sure they leave you alone. Yes, I know it’s odd, but also hilarious. 🙂 You know, just normal adult conversations turned story. 😉


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