Who Sees Me

I haven’t prayed the way I think
I should: listing all my wants/needs
I wish fulfilled. I’ve been sitting still on this porch, music low enough
to hear, see the world.

The crickets rub their legs together,
making a song birds carry travels long. Yellow wings flutter about,
time is no concept with freedom found. Crows caw. Dogs bark.

The sun shines. Fades away. Cars pass to & fro,
home bound or other places far.
People talk. Car doors slam. Empty or full, I do not know. Another bird calls out a phrase I know, yet fear admittance.






A car starts, pulls away.

The bird is quiet now.

I turn the music back on.

I paused to listen to this bird cry.

A song plays about waiting for God.
His voice far away.
You are alone.

What you’d give
to hear your name,
sweet is the sound
on Beloved lips-

a garden perfumed
the Word with, in,
about you.

You look at me-
I know, Jesus,
isolation brings my soul
back to truth: You forsake not,
letting my heart, mind, body
come as they are, crippled.

Needing You,
my true beauty,
my unspoken prayer,
my Husband.
my Brother.
my Friend.

My Father,


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