It’s almost 2:30 AM.

I should go to sleep.

I spent the last 2 or so hours

putting together a 14 page poetry book.

I have no idea if anyone will buy.

What to price.

If I should leave at two dollars.

Even if I get $0 revenue.

If $5 is too much too ask for a book

with 7 poems.

Why my heart is so calm.

Ellie Holcomb

sings sweetly.

Paypal or check?

Portion & my strength.


This is for you.

I probably formatted all wrong.

No one puts  a bio as a whole back cover.

The title should be a different color.

Is it wrong to want money for your poems?

Such a small book.

Everyone wants huge.

I don’t have 1,000 followers.

What if I should have edited more?

You should scrap this, Julia.

No, don’t.

You’re so close.

Third person.

I just talked to myself as if I wasn’t in the room.

The cat’s so warm.

In a few hours,

she’ll wake up, look at me

and I bet I’ll still be in this position.

Unless the computer dies.

Then I’ll sit here fighting myself.

2, 5, 8, dollars.

3 number increments.

Love broke through.

Mercy sounds nice.

I can’t do this.

I should put them all on my blog.

I want to risk this.

I mean, I’ve already been rejected by 3-4 magazines.

The least that could happen with this:

I’m the only one who buys.

That’s not failure.

That’s a lack of marketing.

Marketing is pushy.

Oh, please. please

buy my book.

I don’t want to be that way.

Of course I’d like to earn some money.

Selfish as it sounds.

Honesty is the best policy.

Oh God, this feels wrong.

I have the sudden urge to

watch Reba.

She’ll sing about being a survivor

and I’ll envision I already made up

my mind

Only hope I’ve got-







Wonder how much 7 dollars brings?


A dollar a a poem.

Yeah. That’s real reasonable.

Why does this feel deja vu.?

Oh yeah, I don’t know

what I’m doing

The description for the books

sounds like a child.

I am one.

His. Goody, it’s 3 AM.


I need help.

I sound crazy.

Or as every writer

staining her dreams

with self doubt.



3 thoughts on “Help

  1. Step out in faith–you are HIS daughter! Be like Potifer, who put everything he had in Joseph’s hands–because he saw that God prospered it all!

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