Critic Talk

The tears come instantly.

I’ll spill.

I’ll show you how

insecure you are.

You thought they would

say, yes, of course we’ll add

your heart with the other collectibles!

You are a fool.

Someone told you yes.

You want more.

Physical print.

Don’t you see

the world is going digital?

No one really reads anymore.

Holding a book up

in defiance to our quick paced world.

Look at you, reading

off your phone.

You wouldn’t even know

how to linger on a page

if you were locked in a room

with only a book/magazine.

They don’t want you

following set rule: finish

what you start.




Don’t let anything touch

your heart.

Put that organ up

on the shelf, never

open up again.

That’s what you’ll do.

Leave yourself pressed

against other stories

no one will bother

turning over but one time.

Who knows if they were

touched the first time.

They don’t care.

They took time to tell you.

Not at this time.

Good luck with future writing

Let me come out.

Give Jesus another reason

to save you from this river

I’ll make sure you’ll drown beneath.

You can’t even do His will.

He shouldn’t even love you.

Why He wants to save you

over & over & over & over,

absolutely ridiculous.

Keep doing this in your own strength.

I’d much rather watch

you fail.


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