We’re made in Your image.




She says these words.

My eyes begin watering.



I don’t let them cross

the threshold from rivered

eyes to well-stitched blue jeans.

I am still of little faith,

even as You take my weakest hand

as if there is no one else

You’d rather have lean upon

Your arm.

Child, I have drawn you

with lovingkindness.

Don’t be afraid.

I have never left,

nor forsaken you.

I have overcome this world.

Trust My hand,

I will not mislead you.

Your heart may ache now.

You maybe stung by world’s


If they hate you, they hated me


I hear your cries,

for I was the Man of many sorrows.

I am coming for you.

I will shepherd your wayward steps

along greenest pasture,

where you will lie beside still waters,

breathing My longing

for you and you alone.

You will rest in My peace,

our home.

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