Water Walk

My lighthouse,

I have been still among these troubled waters.

Night & day, I cry from this tiny vessel:

Friend, my hope is fading blue,

this I know.

Where have You gone?


My back’s against the wall.


Jesus, did You hear me?

I will soon drown.

A gust.

Child, where is your faith?

Our love has brought you to this obstacle.

I have gone before You.

I won’t let you fall.

Do not look behind,

right, left.

Look straight in My eyes.

They hold Truth Peter could not grasp.

My love is stronger than crashing waves.

When your brother went under,

I stretched Mt hand under,

pulling him to deliverance

Do not make the same mistake,

My face holds no reproach.

My hand is wrapped in yours.

I AM the way, the truth, the life.

Trust, I will light your soul.

Give Me Your ores.

Let us walk together,

so you may know rest,

your true portion & strength.


4 thoughts on “Water Walk

  1. My child your happiness is in Him, seek refuge from things we cannot control, but alas you are smarter than to believe the non- believers. It comes out in your writing. It is truly sublime.

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