Crying Out

He lays his paws,
then head, black
atop these workout pants.

A signaled blue
telling me: you can let go
the ocean, tidal waving
beneath the skin of you.

We watched the sun break
down before our eyes.
You held a coffee between your hands.
I was preoccupied with the glint
& glowing fireflies.
Coming, going as they pleased.

The only candle to acknowledge
the night, besides our speech.

You spilled your hopes,
dreaming stardust falling off your lips.

My watchful silence awakening a question my embarrassed face
always turns away asking.

Are you afraid to chase your dreams?



If I fail, I will again. So, it’s better I don’t try.

You can try again and again and again and again if you do.


I may have sounded cliche.
The tiny white spark staring back into mine
made the fear, uncomfortable fright, forgiving.

I understand.

You’ve lost that light,
and I’m burning up, up, up.

I’m holding this prayer tight:

Please, please, please, God
show him where his shine is found.

Through Your eyes alone.


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