Unknown Princess

Author’s Note: This poem is inspired by Sara Bareilles. This is what happens when you put Spotify on shuffle and use her song titles. Pretty sure the poem loses itself somewhere. I hope you enjoy anyway…

My steps have been uncharted,
teetering left, tottering right.
I sway willing to the voices
I let rule.

A king of anything bidding me:
Follow this love song I play
through the words I speak.
The melody shall be your only way.

I say, I choose you,
knowing the path best for these unstable feet.
I’ll be chasing the sun.


Leading boldly.

I may burn.

Rains my blind,

Still, I comply with decree.

Never gonna get over you,

these wrongs I keep locked inside:

You run whenever called.

You say whatever it is asked.

You keep quiet when you should speak.

Where’s your heart, your spirit, you little fool?

You can’t be brave.

If this falls through, your Hercules isn’t coming after you.

You can forget that right now.

He’s not going to care you’re wandering.

Gravity the only one one keeping you here.

You shouldn’t bother looking up anymore.

You are in the country now, the city is no place for a girl believing every lie she’s held as truth.

Even the ones you tell yourself now.

You’re morningside will come the next time Cassiopeia decides to fall in love.

Millennia from now.

Maybe never.

Keep going these roads advised by

voices as yours, you’ll wear that little black dress you’ve worn your grief.

1000 times over.

Another voice will break through,
my own: someone please hold my heart. Stitch up the wounds I’ve watched through.

Give me promise my one sweet love-
beginning, middle, ending is You.


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