Faith, Full

Faith is opening up.

My eyes take in his words.

If that is who you are, be just that.

In my heart I utter.

Someone who rambles on about Jesus?

Someone who’s heart is breaking?




All at the same time?


I’m not crazy.

I’m quiet.

I’m calm.

Listening for the voices

who tell me: you should stop

being so happy, joyous even.

You don’t get it for long anyway.

Why enjoy?


At midnight,

I am looking

deeply at a flower.

Pink petaled

in front of a blue sky

farther than I will travel.

All I think:

behold me, I am acceptance

with joy.

I laugh.

Oh how You know me.


I want to cry.

The next picture is a sunrise,

or sunset. The line dividing the sky

looks as if God is going to speak:

My child, even from this distance

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Miles and miles away.

I try to sleep.

I cannot.

India is on my brain.

A friend pressing a message

through unspoken, captivating

beauty hushing my quickened heart.

You are a whiff of lovely.


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