I can’t believe this is happening. To me.

He laughs. What?

This changing heart. It’s burning me. In the best way. I’m always so overwhelmed. I can’t express things properly. I feel crazy. Terrified. Ready. So..

In love with Me? Yes, I’ve noticed your increase in praise lately. He glances over, smirking.

Hey, You’re the one who gave it to me. Calling me Beloved and asking me to run away with You, to this place of desert sorrow. It isn’t exactly honeymoon material. I finish this speech, love tapping His arm.

He watches me smile broadly. You’ve been with Me all along. You don’t think I’d let You sit broken hearted forever, did you? I had to woo you somehow. He places my hand in His.

I was like Gomer, taking anyone that would have me. Their honeyed words coming off serpent tongue. I thought they were honeycomb. I ran around and around and around, taking I love you as forever. I watched myself be used to keep peace in return I received things. I put so much emphasis on wanting what only You give.

What’s that? He squeezed my hand.

Such strength. Such compassion.

Yourself. I whisper, beginning to cry.

It’s okay. I forgive you. His sincerity makes me cry harder.

You shouldn’t though. You should be
grieved, or angry. I would be used to that. But You’re not.

Who AM I?


What is love?

Patient. Kind. Hopes all things. Doesn’t boast. Doesn’t keep record of wrongs. Doesn’t take offense.

I love you too much to be angry with you. Hurt by your actions. I had to show you no one is Me. Including you.

I’m crazy for seeing You everywhere. In people. Birds. Butteflies. Sky. Sun. Clouds. Falling leaves. Kitties. Dogs. Flowers. Words. EVERYWHERE.

Another laugh. Longer. Oh My love, you are waking up to Me! You don’t have to be sorry for this. Let yourself be abounding in joy, even if your heart aches with it. Even if you want to cry. Ink it. Let the world see My smile through your imperfection. I come through weakness, remember? He leans in to embrace me.

Please don’t leave me. I can’t do this alone.

Who’s the funny one now?

Hey! I crack a smile into His shoulder.

I love you.

I love You, too. Always.


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