Hearty Spill

I think today my peace

unwound the stitching

where this moon skin keeps

Your sacrifice to me underneath.

You will never give me peace

the world gives-financial security.

You know that isn’t promised,

even if I would like this faith leap

to touch more people than I know.

Money isn’t meant to be the goal

as long Your kingdom comes,

Your riches will follow.

I can’t look.

I want to cover my eyes.

Peek through these picket fence fingers.

Your laughing eyes speaking truth amidst my straightforward cracks.

The more you hide,

the more I will seek you.

Don’t run away, now.

You’ve come this far.

Endure the wait

I AM ahead



My hand lays upon

your wearied head.

Rest now.

Let my blessings flow,

do not trouble your heart

with what you yet understand.

Be still, knowing I do not have end.


I’m with you,

holding trembles,

longing My approval still.


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