Your Smile

You lead me home.

Down the poppied lane,

giddy brooks on either side

bringing forth the truth riveting

my blood, bones, & tongue:

Hallelujah! My Beloved, You are here!

No longer a poster,

a crucifix worn around my neck in hopes You’ll be heart close.

Sing, My songbird.

Oh My Beloved, how we laugh & sing without care of what this world might think!

I only know the look in Your eyes makes me weak,

lost through realization You love me






restfully smiling

upon my own.

Forgive my inadequacy,

infrequency to speak

my welling vessel heart

You are taking over the river.

Gently dipping each break

in healing waves as mother touch.

You do not let go.

I AM more than enough, kissing my forehead, You whisper again.

You were never a piece of glass

meant to sink below Love’s reach.

You are a mirror crafted by Light,

where all who gaze will see

My face

found washed up on the banks.


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