Turned Down


The sound of silence

now hurting my heart,

doesn’t mean Your absence.

You’ve given my lament

room to slip tirelessly

off my heavy hearted tongue.

This love is what I’ve longed-

a seed blooming. no weather

withholding my growth.

My wish come true.

Yet the world spins madly on,

other flowers sway so gracefully

beside me.

The rain comes to water me.

I cannot cry, but I’ll lift my petals

for Your eyes see brevity.

I hear the wind.

Don’t question

My love always blowing

fragrance from others

such as you.

The flower beside you

isn’t meant to be seen

a dark passenger,

but a friend struggling

letting go control.

Do not envy, My blossom.

You may long uprooting,

but I know who needs

perfumed only from you.


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