Where Your Guidance Veils


Marvelous moonlight-

how deep the Father’s love for us.

You bade me look straight to your light.

White, brilliantly beckoning my soul speak:

’tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,

who took my sin upon His perfect bone,

so I may live again.

No better love exists.

This Man who saw me

unformed inside my mother’s womb

took time in tenderness drawing

my crocked feet.

Leading my body in a sprint,

circling, circling, circling,

around counter clockwise.

I’ve never been good

managing time anyway.

My trembling legs

taken aback by words:

I’m sorry, I did that.

Repeated over again

til I feel freed from minuscule wrong.

I never am.

They never let me forget.

My right hand, weak in strength

gripping for dear life to anything

resembling stability, another hand perhaps.

My left, holding straight this lopsided body

wanting to walk as everyone else.

He sees this girl desperately trying,

remarking: Come thou font of every blessing, My child.

My glory shine through your disabling vessel.

Fear not, I do not see as you:

by outer appearance.

Rather, your precious heart I crafted

from My purity.

I sail night by night,

a starless sky above my blackened thought:

I am restless without my Lighthouse

guiding wayward effort safe to shore,

forever welcomed in.


4 thoughts on “Where Your Guidance Veils

  1. Beautiful poem! I love the stream-of-consciousness style you use here – it connects wonderfully to the reader. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

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