Hard Stare Truth

Breakthrough God.

Mocking tongues seek slandering

Your precious child, silently holding

the promise she is worth more than

two sparrows and gold.

Look on her as the woman touching

the hem of Your robe.

Trembling to a fall before You.

Behold, I am unclean.

I have spent years staring for approval in human eyes.

Waiting, hungering, crying.

Hoping a mouth would open

wide praise: I am enough.

I am worthy 24/7 affection.

Never forgotten.

My love means something

though small as seed.

Oh, Jesus, I’m desperately

seeking a friend’s hand never slip

out from my own.

They are sojourners as am I,

wandering through pastures green,

wayward without our Shepherd.

All this time when I’ve cried:

Someone please approve my efforts.

Someone please take interest in me.

Someone please tell me I’m no


Someone please promise me forever,

without wishing to break me.

Someone please don’t leave.

Someone please stay.


You’ve stood beside me.

I’ve sought you.

Stop searching.

Believe me.

I know you.

I love you.

You are healed,

My darling.

You are mine.


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