Nightmare Clipped My Wings, Daddy

There’s heavy rope

tied round my heart.

A dream drew closed

my winged lids, fluttering,

fighting to openly coast

on Hope’s breath.

How He’s watched my wings

fall back down

dark holes,

lying wide a trapped belief

I’m stuck inside.

Death is the end of the line.

Don’t move.

Don’t try.


Everyone will die.

You will, too.

You’ll never see them, again.

Don’t cry. It’s life.

Now, He’s woken me

this dreary morning, waiting.

I looked in the picture.

They were smiling.

A voice came over one

news broadcast.

They found him

laying on his back


Breath gone.

Lighted gaze turned


I don’t hear where.






I cry.

No. No. No.

My control

I never had


He draws close,

closing truth over

my tremor.

I AM the Savior.

You are the children

I delight saving.

My hand is upon you.

I have lifted you out

fear, anxiety, sorrow


I set your feet

high on rock solid Truths.

You are under my wing.

No matter depth, height,

nor this in-between,

know this was only a dream.

There is a house with rooms

where one day, you will laugh

until you cry only joy.

You won’t have fear

your loved ones will be taken away.

You will all share in my feast.

Light will stay by your side,



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