Where the fence is low,

You come into view.

I am unfeeling,

kicking up dirt words

I've said, up we go, now

grow grow grow.

when times become

too much to handle.

Green stems easily remind

one is human.

Envy one’s possession.


Let the root sour,

abdicating the headdress

crowning you unique.

A banner furling under

Siberia cold.

Pricked by cactus

in the valley

where nectar runs

empty till river crosses bend.

Soften this heavy rope

I can’t unknot binding my wrists

behind my back, as a secret

no one dares share.

Expectation leads to self-hatred

I was never meant to believe.

Why not trust the promises

You’ll continually take my right hand,

straightening these crooked paths

to the Jericho promised long ago.

I AM betrothed to you, Beloved,

whose cracks come clean

the more you lend your metamorphosis to the cocoon

I’ve chosen for you to hide away

your bloom for those needing

linger with love.


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