I Admit, I Need You

I hear Your voice

down within

my unsure frame.

A river flowing out

living water I can’t refrain.

My tears want to come forward,

make an appeal: this isn’t right.

I should know what I want.

Not: I don’t know.

Let your yes be yes.

No be no.


Yes, I want to love You.

I want to be overwhelmed, no

saturated with Your arms around me.

Yes, I want to believe I’m the object

of Your affection.

Yes, I need small gestures.

The blow of Your breath

through my boyish hair,

warm on my cheek.

Falling leaves.

Gleaming sun behind the trees,

blinding my eyes.

A hug.

A simple “how are you?”

Encouragement from miles away

when I shoot for stars, instantly

assuming I missed,

knowing as my legs prove,

You move slow.

They assure me You’re here,

working every hurting circumstance

for glorious good I cannot see.

Shake my head at the impression

Your words make upon this vessel

seeking endlessly for my Beloved.

Darling, you are beautifully woven

longing ache I died to show you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Three days I stayed below,

coming back loyally the third day,

because I can never be away.

A husband to his wife.

Father to child.

I can do nothing more

than show My love for you.

You don’t have to be afraid.

Come close.

I promise I won’t hurt you.

Let Me reveal My goodness to you.

I’ll wipe every tear.

Show you My face,

collapsing into grace,

My arms healing disgrace

you think is your rightful place.


6 thoughts on “I Admit, I Need You

  1. Lord have mercy, sometimes I think we share the same soul=)! This spoke of Him so clearly to me, of all He’s been walking me through the past few months. Wow. Lovely. Bless you for writing!!!

    • I totally read the first sentence with a serious southern accent in my head. And laughed to myself because this is so true! 🙂 Just this week, I got something in the mail (there’s going to be a blog post on it hopefully by the end of the week), where I sat there on the porch sobbing, because I once again believe I don’t deserve this. Songs of His love came pouring through my ears, and I feel like a 5 year who’s done something wrong. I still can’t open what I got in the mail, just sitting there on my dresser. I’m so glad we found eachother. ❤

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