Lies After Meeting Beautiful Souls

You look at little ol’ me.

You see, darling, your every bit of lovely.

The tears I find meeting my tongue,

I place my hope You see them.

Spurting streams carrying a silent

thanksgiving: thank you for bleeding

my priding death, so I may dwell

forever in the house of God, Your Father & mine.

Wash me clean. Again. Again. Again.

You are My gold. Secret found

inexhaustible when darkness falls upon my precious heart.

When my brokenness was all

I saw, still see, You reassure

this isn’t the end. You won’t give

up holding me for brevity’s sake.

We are eternity lovers.

Father and daughter.

Beloved to me, the despised.

By myself and the serpent seeking

my kill.

Though the liar comes intentionally

planting seeds I don’t wish watering

with salted belief: she’ll leave soon as your life gets tough.

You think she cares about you?

That was a one time deal.

For being her number one fan,

that was a really impersonal response.

She didn’t really look at you.

How could she anyway?

You were a mass of nerves,

unable to utter anything except

your name. Classy for a girl who is

just like you.

You don’t have fame.

Your own house

Oh, you also haven’t graduated college.

You have a whole lot going for you.

A poetry book selling 13 copies.


Look at the girl who sings for Jesus,

signed your poster, that will never

be you signing books.

You couldn’t handle it anyway.

You would cry.

You take forever

signing your name now.

That won’t change.

I only wonder what you would do

if someone came up to you in a walker the same age,

and their friend had to tell you

she’s your biggest fan for her,

because she was too chicken

to utter thank you.

Some friend.

Embarrassing you.

But you did want her to know, right?

You’re just like everyone else.

A person in line

waiting to see someone

who inspires you more than she knows,

but you can’t say a word or look her

in the eyes because you’re another face among the many behind you,

wanting to say what Jesus already knows.

That you’re a baby.

You just want attention.

I must expose these thoughts

as there are: lies.

Last night held depth beyond

my understanding.

Love beyond my blindsides.

Friendship born after a wait

to see Your sweetheart face

once again meet mine.


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