Where My Help Comes

This is me without You.





I will do something wrong.

I will fail somehow.

I’ve awoken with a pressured heart

alerting me I am still a baby.

I am still allowing the joy found in

You, escape me.

I forget this beautiful day before me

because my chest has given anxiety leeway.

Show, Jesus, the still small voice,

the gentle hand You lead, hold me by when I am unsure.

Your face I long to see.

You’re not just a friend, but my Fighter.

My stronghold, fortress I run for

when I need to be with You.

No person, place or thing

replaces the bubbling truth:

Only with Your counsel can I

do life big enough to shine

Your never changing glory.

I am holding on to the belief

this small beginning is a stream,

a way out from the desert wasteland.


20 thoughts on “Where My Help Comes

  1. This is so beautiful, Julia. You have such a gift of writing and I look forward to reading more! Thank you for sharing your beautiful light and love for Christ and others. πŸ™‚

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