Absent Clarity, Your Truth Holds Me

My Lighthouse,

This I know: Your light

seeks guiding every lopsided traveler,

tossed by tempest tears to Hope

unmatched by force fed salt.

Our back’s against the wall,

a vessel where humanity cries

need for our love to ease tensioned

souls believing we are on our own.

Im not first to admit, I’m weak.

I do not wish take another step

without Your soothing hand in my mine.

Your love is strong enough to walk

beside this crippled frame,

where I may rest on the arm of I AM,

my great Beloved.

My Brother.

My Father.

My Friend.

My shelter.

My Fortress.

My Home.

My Deliverance out from raging storms,

setting my feet atop pastures green.

You pilot me into dreams I never expected come true.

I ache thinking how deep You love me.

When I think I do not, can not

possibly deserve this lavish robe

costing more silver than I could ever

give Thee,

You are My child. I delight in you. This is My grace filled love for you.

None, but Thee has ever loved me

patiently, carefully, tenderly, truthfully

as when You first whispered:

Your sins are gone from My memory.

Your flawless beauty is all I ever see.


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