To A Friend Once A Stranger

You show Jesus

with the way you hold me.

Words rolling off your grace-letting

fingertips as I recall my story to ink.

I tell of a broken family, where

divorce had sought division eternally.

Where the Devil has spent months

laughing at the twisting of my hands

as I have watched hatred fly

tongue to tongue, even my own,

speaking angrily about a past I have

no desire remembering daily.

How I cry: Forgive us, we know not

what we do.

With you, I freely tell a victory

God has won through our Savior’s

blood, leading her mouth away from

liquor’s cold oblivion to declaration:

You lead, I long to be

a God girl now. Just a friend will not

do, keep me holding on to You

when temptation comes in view.

I share how beautiful this day

becomes, knowing our Father

upholds us all with His righteous

right hand. How we can do life big

because we have a Father who

magnifies our love offerings,

no matter how small. How He has

been my first love because I keep

quiet about dreams He’s making

come true. How He’s smiling over

me, at me, with me everywhere I

look. How He has been my fighter as

I remain still, watching leaves fall

over me a heavenly confetti.

I know He’s rejoicing, singing a song

my soul knows true. I pray He does

the same for you, my dear friend.

Today. Tomorrow. Every day

following, so you may know height,

nor depth can separate love

never failing you.


12 thoughts on “To A Friend Once A Stranger

  1. A lot of heart, soul, and emotion are poured into this poem. It’s living and breathing; full of redemption, life, and love. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. You writing is so tender. I feel like I have to sit still to take it all in! Amazing! I’m blown away! I will pray for you! My parents divorced 3 times and the final time was not pretty but God has made beauty for ashes! He truly has! I love this!

    • Thank you ❤ If I'm being honest, I feel like I have to sit still to take in how everyone has been connecting with my heart. It's a new thing to almost be no holds honest in my poetry and just let if out. 3 times? Whoa. It was hard enough to make it through one and watch the after effects

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