Tarry With Me

I am still running.

Working hard enough

Love will finally be earned.

Did I complete tasks

asked by voices my own?



Aching to go over

the river where sunflowers

grow on either bank.

In the middle, living water

flows in the house of God,

forever. Your love is strong

quiet for my busied mind.

Am I waiting right?

Should I take control again?

I don’t want the responsibility,

continuously trying my patience

with how I cannot wait.

A child counting the days

until December brings flakes

white as first snow.

My need for You to baptize

my mind, outweighs the cure

for pain only sinners know well:

denial for help, since we are

much better solo. I hate admitting

I can’t wait alone, with questions

presented again & again &


I need Your hand wrapped in my right,

Your face before my brows raising worry

if You’ll come through before I decide


a southbound train to take me further

than a hidden Georgia sun nowhere

near in love as You’ve sworn on the



6 thoughts on “Tarry With Me

  1. Oh wow I love this I will tarry with you! I love to use that phrase Jesus asked his disciples will you tarry with me. If you think they fell asleep so to tarry is not easy I think! Beautiful!

    • Like when Jesus asked them to pray and they fell asleep after an hour. I know far too well what it’s like to push on in your strength when Jesus asks us to wait. Sigh. It’s tough living in a world that is all: RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW mentality. My body may be slow, but my brain sure isn’t.

      • OH yes I know what you mean! I will share with you my daughter has been chronically ill since the age of 2. Then I at 38. Your tender way of writing blesses my heart and I’m so thankful to Syl65 for sharing your blog with me. I will reblog this because I literally wrote or did some art that I will tarry for you! I believe we are here for this sweet one! To tarry is not easy but neither is the struggle of illness. However we need each other to lean and fade into! I think! Huge hugs I’m off with my girl! She’s awake! 😀

      • You did art based on my poem?! Whoa. If your daughter is suffering, the Lord keepe her close.
        24 “‘“The Lord bless you
        and keep you;
        25 the Lord make his face shine on you
        and be gracious to you;
        26 the Lord turn his face toward you
        and give you peace.”’ Numbers 6:24-26 i agree, we aren’t meant to so life alone. When we have the right people by our side, the ones who encourage, weep, laugh, and smile with us, we know there is a loving Father watching over us 🙂 Your love for your daughter is precious! ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    Tarry With Me~with sweet Julia! Oh yes I will! I surely will and I hope that you will as well! What a blessing to tarry with you sweet one! ❤ Have a beautiful Saturday! I'm off with my girl! She needs me! ❤ HUGE hugs

  3. Pingback: I will sit with you, I will tarry~for Julia @crippledatYourtable | thinkingpinkx2

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