Blush Me In Love

Come with this wind

delighting my nostrils

with sweet banana bread

baking inside a people empty


I am front row seated in this light

I never knew I spent energy chasing,

when all You’ve asked me:

Won’t you choose life by sitting still,

knowing I have best intention for


I reply the same each time: I must

prove I am ready. I am capable

big, rather than small. Please let me

show money payers I am more than

they think. Sure, I am quiet, angered

a time or two by way of objecting

You, the river who won the west.




Many people reject a loving Father

spreading our punishment over

these four corners of the earth.

A letter halved, then quartered

four square pieces torn,

dandelion petals plucked

and gently blown our unexpected

direction: I forgive you, child.

No matter how many whispers

You trade with me as leaves falls,

my heart beats a question

You tarry no answer:

Will You continue saving

my shaking feet moving toward

another unknown I could again fall


Leaves fly above above

my incessant head,

laughing deep reds

I imagine hold no embrassment.


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