He Loves You

I woke up wanting not

rush Your arms away,

holding onto my shivering body

under white blankets colored snow.

Outside temperature almost

matching this throw.

I turn over, reading promising truth

I can’t let go: Your grace surpasses

my own. Your power works best

inside my step-step-pause motions

I am weak to better see Your smile

through a woman I hardly know.

She speaks with lilt upon each finger

stroke, painting pictures only Love

colors with first grace. I cry reading

how her daughter has lost belief,

watching her bones break,

many diagnoses she never asked

receive. Many years, I have doubted

depth of a Father’s love could go to

death for a crippled frame as mine.

One day, He found me in the middle

of a sleepless night on my best

friend’s floor, swaddled in a sleeping

bag, whispering: I forgive you,

I forgive you, I forgive you. For every

mistake. Doubt. Time spent angry

with grief I bring unwillingly.

My compassion has been upon you,

as My hand continually leading your

right. I have been residing beneath

desert sun, hot on my forehead. I’ve

blinded with the shine, crying,

God, what have I done? I’ve made

a mistake. I’m a mistake, too. You

can’t love me. Not with this

brokenness breaking my heart, from

out turned feet producing these

crockpot paced steps. Nor division

of my family. No, no, no, You can’t

look on me with pity.

He spoke dulcet, Darling, these

things do not define you. I do. You

do not have to know the plans

I have, nor answers only I can give.

I may keep you in a time seemingly

impossible, but everything with Me

proves possible.

He will make your dreams come

burning alive with holy fire you have

never known desirable. He will give

Himself unabashedly, letting longing

fall dewy a spring morn. Come away,

Beloved, your face I yearn to see,

Your voice, sweet as dove’s first

melody. Do not listen to lies pressed

hard against your eardrums by the

thief who comes to steal your joy.

You are enough.

You are worth.

You are upheld upheld by a king

who died an undeserved death,

so you may be robed with glory.

Don’t give up His love,

for your purpose will unfold,

as flower petals, or a snow angel

given her wings by a little girl

moving her arms in a motion

her mother will say came way by

a dear Friend singing joy above.

Author’s Note: This is a poem for MichelleMarie and her daughter. Michelle, I hope you’ll show this to your daughter when she’s old enough to understand fully. Until then, this will serve as a reminder God can and does overcome unbelief. He will overcome her’s through His unmistakable love. ā¤ Thank you for coming into my life šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “He Loves You

  1. Oh wow when I started reading this I thought to myself this is so beautiful almost as if she’s writing it to me or for me or something and imagine my shock when I see the end! Wow! I am honored that you did this and wrote so beautifully! I will show it to my daughter. She will love this! But I think maybe not fully understanding. She asked me what I was doing this morning and I told her about you and she said Mom you make the neatest friends. Gosh what a beautiful end to my day! Huge hugs and blessings to you! Sleep well and angels surround you and sing you to sleep! May I reblog this?

    • ā¤ļøā¤ļø Your daughter has a beautiful. Mom and Father above who see no flaw in her šŸ™‚ I saw you already reblogged, which is totally fine! Thank you for asking, though šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your story with me šŸ™‚ I know God’s used it to not encourage many people, including me, to know they aren’t alone ā¤

  2. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    He Love You~from Julia I was amazed as I read this I thought it sound like me and my daughter…imagine my surprise when I see at the end this is to me and my Alexanderia. I’ve read it 3 times and then my girl walked in the room and said mom what are you doing, so I showed her and after she finished reading this she said Mom this is beautiful. I said I know. She said Mom what makes your friends care about me? I didn’t answer because I’m speechless. Thank you sweet one, Julia you made my day what beautiful thoughts to sleep on! Much love to you and blessings. Sweet dreams sweet one!

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