At Least You Have Punch Lines

God knows this garbage in my mind.

What did you do today? You cried.

Baby bottle sucker. Did mommy warm

your milk for you? Pacify your fear

with cookies n cream extra large

candy bat, pretzel goldfish?

Addressing you with all in all

best setiment: you’ll be okay.

I’ll be six minutes up the road,

instead of 5 hours away this time.

You believed that? Silly, silly girl.

What if she needs you with desperation again?

What are you going to do? Throw up your hands,

begging Jesus to swing you as a child clasps

hands with their mother? If you think you can

hold hands with an invisible Father, your view

proves anything but clear. You’ve always been

practically blind, so there explains why you grope

onto anything possibly moving beyond: Once

upon a time, there was a little girl. Her feet were a

fork in the road. One took her in circles. The other, straighter,

itched for constant, forward motion. Her family broke her heart,

coming to bitter ruin through divorce. Love became void inside her.

One day, someone said: Cry Yahweh. Though your mother & father

forsake you, He takes you in.

She furrowed her brow, unsure how

this He could keep her from drifting away

ninety-three percent, with seven percent possibility

she’ll receive love without fault. She’s been ridding

a broken merry go round, begging the tired, mechanical

horse take to the hills. He never moves off his circle track.

He needs reason to move. Or a tug on the reins. She resigned

herself to believe: this is love.

Poor, lonely stone heart.

There is no question, Will you wake me

with the water of Life, as You poured over Noah

and his ark? No, the plot never chances a twist.

No Savior answering a pleading request.

Only you and inescapable lonely.

And you say you’re a writer?


2 thoughts on “At Least You Have Punch Lines

  1. Girl .. You did it again — painted another vivid portrait of relationship, real love, with Yahweh.. And predictably, I saw myself in here – especially love the %’s and merry go round horse!!
    So evocative– keep on keeping on.. You must write!!!:)

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