You Are Not Alone

She says, choose today to live

loved. I sit there at the table, eating

freshly made banana bread muffins.

They are warm as the dawn I

missed this morning, but steadily

encompassing my left as I type.

Warm as the hands who made these

delicacies, the ones I long embrace

me a little longer each time they

depart. Warm as the prayer spilled

out before the break of noon, a

secret confessed between two little

girls: I don’t believe I am Beloved by

our Abba above. Warm as the tears

I’ve yet spill, exchanging them for

a breath of Your air. Perfuming me

in a longing to purge this lie out from

under our tongues. So, I continue

breaking my silence by asking,

waiting, listening, sharing hopes,

wishes, fears, heartbreak, and one

constant clasping our hands no

distance can intervene.

You, Jesus, our conquerer,

withholding not even a friendship

containing different life stages,

with glass reflecting understanding

light on our distant faces.


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