My Elohim, Lead Me On

If I dwell in my dearest Friend’s

home, His Almighty shadow will

bring me rest. I will say, He is my

hideaway, my safe haven in whom

I trust. Surely, He will save me, away

you fowling snare! You bubonic

plague wishing my tongue fight

a battle never mine. I shall be

covered, sheltered in my Father’s

downy wings. His wings will veil

my tearing eyes, silent cries. Cover

my ears with truth: My plan will not

harm you, My precious one. I AM

protecting you. My faithfulness

forever shields, leads you by My

gentle hand.

I will not fear night’s terror, piercing

word by day, nor disease asking,

May I infect you with anxiety,

dismay? Disregarding my “No, thank

you. Please go away.” at midnight’s

onslaught. Nor the plague plotting

my deathbed noonday. One

thousand may fall at my side. Ten

thousand at my right hand, not a

finger will touch me. I will only

observe with my blued eyes

the punishment of the wicked.

If I say, The Lord is my refuge,

making the Most High my dwelling,

no harm will overtake, nor disaster

near my trembling foot. For He will

command His angels concerning me

to guard my body, thoughts

trembling, lifting me up in their hands

so I may not strike my foot upon a

stone. I will tread on the backs of the

lion & cobra. I will trample the great

lion & serpent.

“Because she loves me,” says my

Confidant, “I will rescue her, I will

protect her, for she acknowledges

My name.

She will call on me, and I will answer

in hushed whisper: I AM with you

in this trouble, darling. I will deliver

and honor you. With long life I will

satisfy you, showing you My



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