Even The Winds Shh


If you think

I do not love you,

look at the crescent moon

hung as a twinkle in My eye.

Pay no mind Oklahoma’s distance,

Love’s sill gonna getcha.

No once upon a time pretense.

No, no, only a welcome spotlight

illuminating garbage in your mind

I seek purifying. Ninety-three percent

of your minds fills with fear:

there is no time.

You should be checkingcheckingchecking,

seeing why everything feels contrary

to my Word. Don’t you think I know

your nerves, your anxiety you are

trying to keep dormant? How apart

you feel from My arms? You are tired,

hearing this: He should wake me, let

my hands continue producing loveless phrase.

Then, I’ll be somewhere with envy no longer a hinder.

But, darling, right here under this comforter, lies My presence.

What you’ve longed to better grasp. My grace is sufficient

Without question, reason. Your weakness is before Me.

Stop letting doubt, fear, time swing away your view.

Let My shoulder pillow your wearied head.

You don’t have to speak.

We can stay under cover,

share breath, silence.

I’ll stroke My fingers through your hair,

boyishly beautiful. Wind will chill

people, places, things outside

the blinded windows.

This is love, My child.

resting under My caring hands

wounds meant for a warrior,

never intended for punishing His beloved.

Author’s Note: The beginning of this poem was inspired by this picture, taken by http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/i-hope-your-day-is-filled-with-joy/. I love what God shows through her eyes. I love you, Michelle. ❤


5 thoughts on “Even The Winds Shh

  1. Hello beautiful sweet one! I have been working all day and just got online to see what you are up to! I love your precious words! After my day they are always perfectly preciously you! I love you! Sweet dreams sweet friend!

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