Dear Thief, Bravo

I listen to a song

tell me I’m worth more than gold.

Sour cream & cheddar cheese Ruffles

waft through this lonely, lowly dimmed room.

Now, a woman sings a request I’m unsure

I’ve ever asked, but my heart can’t tell a lie.

Would You stay with me, crying through

my chest a quiet beat wanting resignation?

Lies have met my mind’s threshold today.

No one cares about you.

Orange juice sits on the bedside table.

Good job betraying your mother.

Vicious laughter followed by,

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Don’t you know when words are many,

sin is never absent? You can cry

all the hidden tears, but Jesus knows

what a fool you’ve become.

Talking about what you’ve seen, know

without thinking, realizing you could turn

the only parent against you.

You want that?

You are a baby, writing all this

waiting for someone to pity you.

People have been pitying for five days.

Looking you in the eyes.

Buying you grapes.

Nutri-grain bars.

Pop tarts.

Asking, how are you?

You blink.

You stare.

You answer.

You look away.

You find yourself here, wrapped

underneath a comforter, repeating

your need for a sympathetic ear.

You want more. You want a physical body,

wrapping those anxiety bones in a day

long hug, easing you into a silence

you won’t sit with, because I, the lying Father,

terrify you to believe no one will understand you.

You should remain quiet.

Stop writing,

Give up.

Jesus was tempted

every way you are.

He didn’t sin though.

I bet He didn’t doubt His Father’s love

the way you are with not getting your heart desires.

You are selfish

A child so weak, your Father

gave Himself to save

out of the hands of doubt.

Yet, you doubt His loving blessings,

wanting something more than loneliness.

Shame. Shame.


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